Where to buy the best organic prepared dishes online

Our online grocery store brings you a range of organic prepared dishes from Carlota Organic online. Enjoy the most delicious organic dishes, knowing in different formats and flavours made with high quality ingredients, and ready for you to enjoy. All kinds of prepared dishes for you to delight with, Carlota Organic brings you their delicious range of prepared dishes that you can find in our online store.

La Botiga Online Grocery Store brings you a delicious prepared dish selection. They will become your favourite meals as soon as you’ve taken your first bite! Easy to transport thanks to their ergonomic packaging, so you can take them wherever you go! Brilliant to bring to the office on a daily basis, and you’ll know that you are eating healthily! You choose the place and occasion!

Because every moment deserves deliciousness … Discover what your favourite flavour is!


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Buy organic prepared dishes online

Our online grocery shop brings you a fantastic selection of prepared dishes that not only will bring you pure deliciousness, but you can also enjoy them in a variety of tastes! The range of Carlota Organic prepared dishes will fill your home with yumminess, ideal to give you that balanced meal that you don’t have time to prepare. High quality products that will make it easy to enjoy delicious healthy food, made with the best ingredients, you’ll notice the difference.

At La Botiga we promote organic products, we believe in the value of BIO and ecological agriculture. We promote suppliers that care for the environment, taking care of smaller suppliers and those who believe in 100% Organic products Discover which flavour suits you best and add it into your everyday deliciousness. We believe that every meal should be part BIO. It’s up to you to see which of our organic products suit you best. Enjoy La Botiga’s delicious range of Organic products on our Online Grocery Shop.

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