Choose your favorite selection of leafy greens on La Botiga online and recieve them at home. We select them for you and for your salads to be as colorful and fresh as possible. They are an important ingredient of our diet and their fresh flavour combines with many salad ingredients. The different varieties have different nutritional values ​​but in general their leaves are high in fiber and water, conferring properties for anemia and weakness in general, diuretic, favoring sleep (recommended for those suffering from insomnia) and even for the cure of mild bronchitis and very advisable for weight loss diets. Lettuce should be prepared moments before serving and start by washing them well with cold water. Slightly withered leaves will recover by immersing them in cold water with ice for a few minutes. Do not cut or garnish the lettuce long before serving; apart from deteriorating vitamin C it loses its crisp appearance and flavor quickly. For its conservation, it is necessary to avoid storing lettuce together with apples, pears or bananas (these fruits extract natural ethylene gas for ripening, which will cause it to rot more quickly). The majority of salads would do well with lettuce, either as one of the main ingredients or complementary or as decoration. They make many delicious simple dishes; think of how good some lettuce buds with anchovies or quality tuna can be. Good olive oil gives a special touch to salads. Do not wait any longer and choose your favorite leafy greens Take advantage of buying online at La Botiga with the guarantee of receiving a fresh direct product from local suppliers at home. With La Botiga you know that you can enjoy quality products at the best price and from the comfort of your home.

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2,49  / Tray

Iceberg Lettuce

1,99  / Unit

Romaine Lettuce

2,49  / Unit


2,49  / Unit

Romaine Hearts

1,99  / Unit

Red Leaf Lettuce

1,99  / Unit


1,99  / Bunch

Gem Lettuce

3,49  / Unit

Soybean Sprouts

1,99  / Unit


1,99  / Unidad